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Westworld Computers

This is our business philosophy .

This is my daily priority for all I come in contact.

Since our lives revolve around work.

I have chosen to make my work fun and profitable.

My primary objective is to deliver quality products to my customers

quickly and efficently. As a result, I am paid well.

I believe that life is too short to be punctuated

by 810 hours per day of drudgery.

In my office, I create a climate where we enjoy coming to work.

My enthusiam is shared by my employees, customers, clients and contractors.

By bringing this attitude to the work place

my customers enthusiasm for the project / sale is enhanced.

Of course, I cannot adhere to this mission without:

The mutual respect of all parties involved

Integrity in communications

Quality in deliverables

- Mark Rutherford

Albuquerque- New Mexico June 22th 2014