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Warranty Policy | Refurbishing Process


Westworld recertified refurbishes and fully tests used laptop computers PC's and Parts all come with a 90 Day Warranty.

Warranty statement

We are providing this page to explain our warranty policies. We realize that the internet can seem an uncertain place to purchase from, with sellers often having unclear and divergent policies. We are presenting our policies here in order to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. We do our best to make sure every customer is satisfied and hope this information will further that end. If you have any questions please e-mail or call us.

Warranty Policies

If The Item Is Not Working, If your item does not operate properly or does not operate at all when it arrives, please notify us immediately. Please keep all packing materials in the event that we must make a claim for any laptops that are damaged during shipping.

We will provide technical support to determine the problem. If the item needs to be repaired or replaced it must be returned to us.

We do not pay for return shipping.

Once received we will either repair it or replace it and ship it back to you at no charge.

Refurbishing Process

This guide is written to define Westworld Computers refurbishing process. Every company has a different definition of what a "refurb" is. This is ours.

Westworld Computers has been refurbishing Laptops for 22 Years. In this time we have networked to find what we consider to be the best sources for off lease and used laptops. Both in prices and quality. A Refurbished laptop is a used laptop. We rebuild these used laptops to be in perfect working order and good quality physical condition. The following criteria are applied to every used notebook we process

Hardware test- We ensure all the components are in perfect working order

Replace and part that is defective or excessivly worn

Replace any plastics that are cracked or broken

Erase the hard drive and then reload it with a clean install of the Operating System / OS

Clean the laptop - LCD, Keyboard, plastics and AC Adapter or any other components.

Physical Condition

Laptops might come with signs of wear. It is not a new computer. Mostly the wear is to the outside of the notebook. There is wear from sliding it in and out of the case and sometimes some scratches from rubbing against various things. Usually the LCD is perfect sometimes there is very minor scuffs, anything worse will merit an LCD replacement. The keyboard is in great shape with only minor keyboard polish from typing. If any of the letters are worn the keyboard is replaced. Any cracked, worn or broken pieces are replaced. We do out best to produce a high quality Refurbished, Used laptop.


All notebooks, laptops and tablets will come with an original restore disc.

The laptops will come with a copy of OpenOffice or LibreOffice on the desktop, if you chose not to use this software simply delete the install program.

The laptop will not comef with Microsoft Office.